Dragearz™ Wireless Mini Food Chopper

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Dragearz™  serves up big blender power on the go. We created the Dragearz™ portable blender so you can make anything you want, anywhere in the world — from a garden to your kitchen. It’s easy and convenient to use at home, outdoors (for cooking video), at the beach, on vacation or wherever the day takes you.

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7 reviews for Dragearz™ Wireless Mini Food Chopper

  1. Asia ismail
    Love it! and easy!
    terbaik mini chopper ni senang nk buat keje,malas dah nk menumbuk bawang😁 recommended
  2. Sharon W.
    Easy to use and clean. Rechargeable
    Received in good condition 👍🏻 Good quality 👍🏻 Worth to buy 👍🏻 Most important, easy to clean 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤣
  3. Man Jeffery
    very good chopper. this is what i've been looking for 👍👍👍a chopper with a cover that separates the chopped foods and the motor. so it is very easy to clean 👍previously i hv other chopper but after a while the top got rusted cuz water can get in and not properly dry after i wash it
  4. Izzaty
    Smaller than expected. Good for small amounts
    terbaik benda ni wehh..halus terus bawang korg. lesung batu kt rumah boleh rehat. suami2 kat luar blh la belikan benda ni utk mudahkan kerja isteri di dapur.serius x rugi beli. ikut teori member beli 150ml dah cukup. bilah pisau mmg tajam.
  5. Zarina
    Tak tipu……. Memang best …. Bayangkan saya sambil blender tu boleh duduk …. Cuci pun senang tak payah buang masa nak keluarkan blendar yang besar… yang kecik ni pun best setakat nak blender kecik2 buat sambal belacan dalam ni pun muat .. letak tomato pun muat
  6. Taxlady
    Easy to clean and use
    Exactly as shown. Very beautiful and easy to work with; As I expected. Just if it was better💞💞 I recommend. ✅👍🏻👌🏻
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Great capacity with powerful blades.

Preparing your food will never easier than this. With 250 ml of capacity and 3 super-sharp blades, just add any vagetables like onion, potato, ginger or even meat into Dragearz™. In 6-10 seconds of blending, you are ready to cook anytime anywhere.


Sharp blades design like shuriken(japanese weapon) with powerful motor.

Traditional blenders only use their blades to blend, but we invented a new method that makes every other blender obsolete. Our secret weapon? Dragearz™ 304 stainless steel blades are created in a Shuriken shape to cut cooking ingridient quickly and neatly and then grind them evenly.

Easy and safe operation, fast charging too.

Get 40+ blends from just three hour of charging with any USB port. The Dragearz™ portable blender is equipped with a water-resistant USB-C port that makes it easier than ever to power up. And the included cable is smartly reversible, so there’s no wrong way to plug it in.


Powerful Food Processor

With a press of the power button, your little cute Dragearz™ portable blender transforms into a powerful food processor that pulverizes veggies, fruits, nuts and more. You can pulse your way to tasty Sambal belacanSauceAir Asam and many more in mere seconds.

Easy & practical cleaning.

Say goodbye to the most annoying part of blending. Bulky kitchen blenders feel impossible to clean — especially when you’re in a hurry, but it is not with our cute blender. Just click the button on the top to automatically mash, and evenly chopped food can be obtained in a few seconds. The whole of the crusher is waterproof and the blade is removable. The food chopper can be rinsed directly after use, which is easy to clean and has no residue.


Save space and lightweight

Small in size and portable, your perfect companion for cooking. It is an excellent choice for camping trips when traveling or on business tripsSave space, can put in the drawer if dont want to use.